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Arida Turymshayeva | Experience in attracting foreign experts and scientists to Auezov University

Globalisation, integration and internationalisation of education are the world trends of the last decade. Internationalisation of education is now becoming one of the most important components of the educational policies of the countries of the world. The development strategy of M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University is aimed at the development of modern society in a new format. Its goal is to make the university an active participant of an international co-operation, expand educational and scientific partnerships, and promote the university's image in the international educational space.
Today, Auezov South Kazakhstan University is one of the largest multi-disciplinary universities in Kazakhstan with an eighty-year history and human resources capable of solving the most complex problems in the field of high technologies. The realisation of joint projects in the field of education and science with foreign scientists and colleagues, exchange of experience, lectures, publication of articles and scientific supervision of master's and doctoral students is one of the priorities in the development of international cooperation.
The exchange of experience with foreign colleagues is not only a significant factor in the professional development of tutors and scientists of the university, but also contributes to its recognition in the international scientific and educational community.
One of the most important directions of internationalisation is the attraction of foreign scientists and specialists. Co-operation in this aspect is carried out in a number of directions – foreign tutors are invited for teaching positions in higher education institutions under the programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Erasmus+, English scholarships, Fulbright programme, joint research projects are conducted, agreements and memoranda are signed, foreign scientists participate in the educational process with the support of foreign embassies. Plus, independent international candidates are invited to teach for one year.
In 2020, during the pandemic, M. Auezov SKU launched a virtual (distance learning) programme to attract foreign specialists for teaching positions, funded by the university. 28 foreign scientists gave lectures in accordance with the curricula of bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies during one term. Within the framework of virtual interaction, master classes and trainings were held for university tutors on the topics of introducing new technologies and methods in education successfully practised by foreign universities.
International co-operation of the university with foreign universities in terms of inviting specialists is developing. For example, while 95 foreign specialists and scientists were attracted to the university in 2021, their number increased up to 188 in 2022, 10 of them are foreign scientists from Poland, Croatia, Turkey, the UK, Malaysia and Germany who worked at the university for four weeks as part of the MSHE programme of the RC. By the end of 2023, the number of foreign scientists and tutors exceeded 200, including 11 foreign scientists from Turkey, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Iran, India within the framework of the programme of attracting foreign specialists of the MSHE of the RK.
They conducted 267 hours of lectures, 93 hours of seminars and 92 trainings for young scientists and teachers.
Two foreign scientists - Ramazan Erdem from Akdeniz University (Turkey) and Shamsollah Ghanbari from Islamic University (Iran) are scientific supervisors of doctoral students on educational programmes 8D07206 “Technology and Design of Textile Materials” and 8D07110 “Digital Automation, Control and Data Processing Systems”. 6 projects were developed jointly with young scientists and doctoral students, 17 joint scientific articles are planned to be published in Scopus, Web of Science and other databases. Based on the results of foreign scholars’ teaching, a survey was conducted among students to identify the level of their contentment and the result comprised 90.9-100%. Also in 2023, for the first time, scientists with a citation index of 30 were attracted and lectured within the framework of this programme in collaboration with the departments. It should be noted that Aravinda Kumar, the Vice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University was invited to conduct seminars and masterclasses. Scientists came from countries such as Malaysia, Turkey, the UK, the USA, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, South Korea, India. The strategic partners of our university are University of Putra (Malaysia), University of Zagreb (Croatia), University of the Aegean and Akdeniz University (Turkey).

In recent years, there is a tendency of an increasing interest of leading experts of universities and scientific institutes of Central Asian countries to exchange experience in our university. The main reason is its international popularity. M. Auezov University participates in seven global world rankings. It is among the 150 top Asian universities in the QS World University Ranking, and participated in international rankings such as ARES, GreenMetric, RankPro for the first time. It should be noted that our university with its “Chemical Sciences” subject is among the TOP-401-500 universities as the only representative of Kazakhstan in the global subject rating Rank Pro.
One of the most important priorities of our university is the development and establishment of higher schools and faculties in the southern region, such as chemical technology, biotechnology, food and textile engineering, oil and gas extraction, construction and transport, information technology, agricultural industry.
M. Auezov SKU actively participates in forums and exhibitions of Central Asian countries within the framework of regional cooperation, which contributes to the strengthening of bilateral mutually beneficial collaboration.
In 2023, the university participated in the events held in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, demonstrating the achievements and potential of the university, which further raised its status.
M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University considers internationalisation as a means of strengthening the position of the university across the country and abroad through the development of strategic partnerships, including the expansion of the academic community and the involvement of foreign researchers and tutors in mutual cooperation. The work in this direction ensures the improvement of the quality of education and competitiveness of the university both in the country and in the global scientific and educational space, as well as, undoubtedly, gives an opportunity to increase the reputation of the university, to get access to scientific discoveries, to attract additional external intellectual and financial resources.
Thus, internationalisation strengthens the competitiveness of education and science and contributes to the sustainable growth of the country's economy.
M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University was granted the status of a research university in 2023. In this regard, our university, creating its research and entrepreneurial ecosystem, is reorienting university science towards innovation and the formation of new principles of work, and aims to achieve world-class scientific results and dynamic introduction of innovations into economic activity.

The development of science takes a special place in the university's mission and achievements and implies, in addition to theoretical research and practical application, the effective implementation of joint projects with foreign scientists within the framework of topical problems.
At present, the university scientists are planning to realise the projects that will make a significant contribution to sustainable development of food and water security with the involvement of leading foreign experts from India, Malaysia, Brazil, Pakistan and Turkey.


Head of the Centre for International Relations of

M. Auezov SKU

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