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Galiya Kulikova | “Astana Polytechnic” Higher College in international movement WorldSkills

Since 2014, Kazakhstan has been a member of the WorldSkills International movement, and since 2015 the country has been organising annual championships of professional skills, in which more and more students from colleges of Kazakhstan participate. In addition to the obvious contribution of WorldSkills Kazakhstan to the popularisation of vocational professions, the movement has become the fastest and most effective system distributing international professional standards in staff training. The content of educational programmes is dynamically updated, following the requirements of the State Education Standards, professional standards, WSK and employers’ standards.

“Astana Polytechnic” Higher College has been participating in WorldSkills championships since 2016, performing well on international platforms and representing more and more competences.
WorldSkills standards have become an integral part of the training of demanded labour force. These standards include a list of skills and qualifications of a specialist in the relevant competence, indicating the percentage of their use and importance within the assessment criteria.

“Astana Polytechnic” Higher College takes into account WorldSkills standards when developing working training programmes, practicing practical skills, monitoring the results of students' training in the relevant competence and preparing for regional, national WorldSkills Kazakhstan championships and international WorldSkills and EuroSkills championships.

WorldSkills movement has turned the college into a significant training platform for training in twenty-one competences of WorldSkills Kazakhstan participants, a base for training personnel according to the new standards, with the support of social partners KNAUF, BOSCH, FESTO, GROHE, Rehau, “1C Kazakhstan”, “TekhnoNikol”.
Competence centres are being actively developed jointly with social partners. Five competence centres equipped with high-tech “smart” equipment and the latest collections of IT, KNAUF, GROHE, “TechnoNikol”, and “Information Network Cabling” brands have been established, where students are given an opportunity to receive additional education and an international certificate recognised by the industry in their field of specialisation. Thus, after completion of training, our graduates can receive up to five international certificates recognised not only in our country, but also in the entire world community.

An important means of improving the quality of the educational process is scientific and methodological support, the use of active teaching methods, skilful knowledge of modern educational technologies by tutors, masters of industrial training as well as the development of new approaches to professional situations and the development of creative abilities of students.

Personnel training at “Astana Polytechnic” College corresponds to the realities of the time, and participation at WorldSkills championships of vocational professions is a good helping hand in this matter.

With the development of the WorldSkills movement, the college formed a pool of expert community of tutors and masters of industrial training under the leadership of seven teachers who received the status of international experts, four chief experts and fourteen experts-compatriots.

Training of highly qualified personnel together with the business community for the advanced development of industrial infrastructure identified priorities in training.

“Astana Polytechnic” rethinks teaching methods, because today's student is different from yesterday's, as he/she has his/her own vision, non-standard approach in solving problems.
The result of the college's strategy is the highest rating in the capital according to the WorldSkills movement indicators, prize-winning places at city, national and international WSK championships.
In 2016, students of “Astana Polytechnic” for the first time took part at the WorldSkills Astana City Championship of Professional Skills in 3 competences: “Network and System Administration”, “Plastering”, “Web Design” and, having reached the republican level, won 2 awards: gold and bronze medals in the II WorldSkills Kazakhstan Republican Championship in the “Network and System Administration” and “Web Design” competences.

The geography of the championship expands year after year, the number of competences has increased from 3 to 21.
Year 2017:

– 10 awards: 9 gold medals and 1 silver medal at the municipal WorldSkills Astana championship of professional skills in 10 competences: “Network and System Administration”, “Mechatronics”, “CAD Engineering Graphics”, “Graphic Design”, “Roofing Works”, “Lorry Maintenance”, “Painting and decorating”, “Dry construction and Plastering”, “Plastering”, “Web design”;

– 7 awards: 2 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze medals at the III WorldSkills Kazakhstan Republican Championship in 7 competences;

– 2 silver medals at the “Young Professionals” first Eurasian championship - WorldSkills Russia Krasnodar in 2 competences: “Graphic Design” and “Network and System Administration”;

– participation in EuroSkills in the “Network Administration” competence in Gothenburg (Sweden) and at the 44th WorldSkills World Competition in Abu Dhabi in the “Graphic Design” competence.
Year 2018:

– 18 awards: 11 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze medals at the WorldSkills Astana City Championship of Professional Skills in 15 competences: “Network and System Administration”, “Body Repair”, “Mechatronics”, “CAD Engineering Graphics”, “Web Design and Development”, “Graphic Design”, “Roofing works”, “Maintenance and Repair of Diesel Engines”, “Tour Guide”, “Hotel Administration”, “Repair and Maintenance of Passenger Cars”, “Painting and Decorative Work”, “Dry Construction and Plastering”, “Car Painting”, “Mobile Robotics”.

– 8 awards: 1 gold, 4 silver medals and 3 medallions at the IV Republican WorldSkills Championship in 8 competences.
Year 2019:

– 14 awards: 9 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze medals at the city WorldSkills championship of professional skills in 15 competences;

– 5 awards: 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze medals and 3 medallions at the V Republican WorldSkills Championship in 10 competences;

– three college students participated in the national team of the RR at the WorldSkills Kazan International Championship in the “Maintenance of Truck Equipment” and “Technology of Concrete Works” competences and won 6 awards: 3 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze medals.
Year 2020:

– a silver medal at the Distributed Eurasian Championship of WorldSkills Russia standards. Ekaterina Zinchikova represented the Republic of Kazakhstan in the “Graphic Design” competence, expert - compatriot Kazaku Kirill;

– 21 awards: 13 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze medals at the WorldSkills Nur-Sultan city championship of professional skills in 19 competences (11 competence sites were established in the college).
Year 2021:

– 11 awards: gold medals in three competences: “Hotel Receptionist”, “Plumbing and Heating”, “Roofing Works”; silver medals in three competences: “Web Design and Development”, “Network and System Administration”, ‘Information Network Cabling”; 2 bronze medals in the “Mobile Application Development” and “Mechatronics” competences, 2 medallions in the “Mobile Robotics” competence and 1 medallion in the “Graphic Design” competence in the VI WorldSkills Kazakhstan Republican Championship of Professional Skills;

– Korkem Zhardemova, a 3rd year student of the “Programming” Department, expert J.E. Abdrakhmanova won a bronze medal in the Digital and Hybrid Eurasian Competition at the Distributed Eurasian Championship in the “Software Solutions in Business” competence;

– participation at WorldSkills Asia – a friendly Asian online championship with the participation of more than 17 countries of the Asian space (Russia, China, India, Morocco, Japan, Belarus, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, the UAE, Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Korea, the Philippines and others). Korkem Zhardemova earned 721 scores in “the IT Solution in Business” competence.
Year 2022:

– 21 awards: 12 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze medals and 1 medallion at the municipal WorldSkills Nur-Sultan championship of professional skills;

– 5 awards: 3 gold medals and 2 medallions in the VII WorldSkills Kazakhstan Republican Championship of Professional Skills;

– a bronze medal in the “Entrepreneurship” competence at the WorldSkills Russia Eurasian Championship;

– participation in the International WorldSkills Competition Special Edition as a member of the national team of the RK: Montreux (Switzerland), “Hotel Receptionist” competence, participant – Ilya Orlov, chief expert - D. N. Rakhimzhanova; Lahr (Germany), “Plumbing and Heating” competence, chief expert E. M. Kassymov.
And finally, the achievements of 2023:

– 34 awards in the WorldSkills Astana city competition: 21 gold, 9 silver and 4 bronze medals;

– 6 awards: 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze and 3 medals in the VIII WorldSkills Kazakhstan Republican Championship of Professional Skills;

– a bronze medal at the final stage of the VIII “Young Professionals” WorldSkills Russia National Championship of Eurasian countries at the Distributed Eurasian Championship: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in the “Entrepreneurship” competence.

– the second prize-winning place in the final of the “Professionals” championship of professional skills held in St. Petersburg in the competence “Software Solutions in Business” with the support of the college partners, the training centre “1C Kazakhstan”.
The WorldSkills movement is a powerful mechanism in the development of technical and vocational education and training for Kazakhstan's young people.
Our strategy is to create all conditions for giving quality knowledge, to teach valuable skills and to ensure job security for graduates!
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