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S.Seifullin University: our partners - 200 universities from 40 countries

The President of our country in his 2023 Address said: “It is essential to establish full-fledged scientific and practical cooperation with recognised foreign centres of agro-science. We will support private science and technology initiatives and adapt educational programmes to the needs of the agricultural sector.” As part of the execution of the Head of State's Decree, Seifullin KazATRU has developed a new development programme for 2024-2029. In the medium term, the university aims to become one of the top 500 best educational institutions of the world.
The university pays great attention to the issue of internationalisation of educational programmes and development of academic mobility. In total, Seifullin University works with more than 40 countries and about 200 universities. KazATRU welcomes international students and supports its students with internships abroad and access to the latest developments and knowledge.
Kanat TIREUOV, the Chairman of the Board – the Principal of Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University, tells us about the international activity of the university.
The map of international relations of Seifullin KazATRU covers not only the Eurasian continent, but also the universities of North and South America, Australia and Oceania. Students from Afghanistan, the PRC, Germany, Mongolia, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan study at the university. In turn, university students take long-term courses at partner universities abroad. Professors from different countries give lectures and participate in conducting scientific research projects.
Seifullin University has long-standing and multilateral ties with China’s universities.

During the official visit of Kasym-Jomart Tokayev, the Head of the State to China in May 2023 an agreement was signed between KazATRU and Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry of the People's Republic of China (Northwest A&F University) on joint development and implementation of a Master's programme in food and processing technologies. Today, more than thirty of our graduates are studying Master's, doctoral and post-doctoral programmes at this Chinese university. They will be awarded diplomas from two universities. We can confidently say that our Master's students will receive an education corresponding to the world level.
Last December, a delegation from the PRC headed by Sun Yao, the Vice Minister of Education, visited our university. The honored guests got acquainted with the structure and staff of the university.

Liuo Jun, the Vice President of Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry of the PRC, who was present at the meeting, addressed the Minister of Education of the PRC:

“Our partnership between these two universities, which began in 2016, has achieved some successes through the use of high programmes.
We have started and will continue joint Master's programmes. We work not only with Master's and Doctoral Studies, but also with scientific projects and commercialisation. In addition, both sides are now paying more attention to food safety and improving work in this regard”.
Sun Yao, the Vice-Minister of Education of the PRC and the Chinese delegation talked to 14 students of KazATRU, who studied at the Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry of the PRC.

Also, together with the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute of the PRC, a Kazakh-Chinese laboratory on biological safety was established at KazATRU. In addition, a Kazakhstan-China Science, Education and Technology Consortium is being established with Northwestern, Beijing, Xinjiang, Henan Universities, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, HUAWEI and other partners of PRC.
Among European partners, the most active co-operation is forged with German universities.

Speaking at the Forum for the Heads of Kazakh-German Universities, Kasym-Jomart Tokayev said: “I have a dream to turn Kazakhstan into a research hub of Eurasia, and in this respect the participation of German universities will play an extremely important role...”.

Cooperation of KazATRU with Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (Germany) on implementation of joint educational programme “Agrarian Management” in English and Farm Management in German, as well as research projects is one of the significant achievements of joint activities.

This dual degree of Master's programme has been internationally accredited until 2031. It meets international quality assurance standards and enables its graduates to continue their doctoral studies at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University.
At the recent Forum of Heads of Universities held at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University, KazATRU was selected as the regional coordinator for the development of a joint doctoral programme “Agrarian Management” in Central Asian countries.
As part of integration of science, education and production, more than 70 students from our university have been sent to leading German farms. After this agricultural internship, they are invited to work in leading companies of the agribusiness sector.

In order to implement the President's Decree, a Kazakhstan-German agro-innovation consortium is being created on the basis of our university, which will serve to strengthen cooperation with partner universities, scientific research institutes and business structures of Germany.
Multifaceted cooperation with universities and research centres in France has been established.

Academic mobility with “AgroParisTech” and ENSAIA universities is realized within the framework of the agreements. Our Bachelor’s and Master’s students will already complete programmes of “Biological Sciences for Engineers’ and “Biotechnology” this year and will also receive diplomas from two universities.

The experience of the world's leading universities, one of which is Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR), serves as a driving force for the development of our university in the field of education and science.

In collaboration with PFUR in 2023, joint educational programmes have been developed and introduced in such topical areas as “Landscape architecture and design”, “Technology of geodetic and cadastral works”, “Agrobiotechnology” and “Agrarian business”. These programmes are based on the modular-competency approach and dual system of education, which allow for the transition to international standards, advanced teaching methods, digitalisation, creating conditions for the formation of new professional competencies of our graduates.
In September 2023, an international conference “Food Safety and Quality” was held in Astana jointly with PFUR. World-renowned professors, academic experts, ministers and parliamentarians attended it. KazATRU, Local Council (Akhimat) of Astana and PFUR signed a trilateral memorandum for co-operation, which covers the creation of green spaces and green landscape in the city, clean water supply and formation of environmentally friendly and safe children's playgrounds in residential areas of the capital city.
In terms of sustainability, we co-operate with Canadian universities.

With the support and participation of the Embassy of Canada in Kazakhstan, we met with colleagues from the Universities of Saskechewan and Alberta on joint training of Master's and Doctoral students. A joint Plant Science education programme is being designed in English with the University of Alberta. Its aim is to train Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) of scientific direction and international level to solve modern problems of science in crop production.
The Austrian delegation headed by Wieser Hermann, the attaché of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regional and Water Management visited KazATRU last October. The delegation, who visited the university, included Mahal Clemens, Commercial Counsellor of the Austrian Embassy in Kazakhstan, as well as representatives of Austrian agricultural business.

The Austrian delegation visited the exhibition of products and got acquainted with the results of research on nine projects of KazATRU, which are conducted under the funding programme of the Ministry of Agriculture, innovative discoveries of university scientists, projects of the Scientific and Production Platform of Agricultural Biotechnology. Mahal Clemens noted the great potential of our university.

We are also working within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals programme. Thus, an appointment was initiated with the President of the Italian Institute for Future Food, during which issues on “sustainability and regeneration for better food systems” were discussed.

As a result,
an agreement was reached to open a Kazakh-Italian innovation centre for food of the future on the basis of our university.
KazATRU co-operates with leading universities, national research institutes and production companies of Turkey related to the production and processing of various wheat varieties.

Together with scientists from Universities of Cerrahpaşa (Istanbul), Selçuk, Kastamonu, Ondokuz, Atatürk, Bahri Dagdaş International Agricultural Research Institute (BDIARI) and “D. Darmstadt Food’ LLP, we conduct research work on grain processing technologies for the production of pasta, bakery, confectionery and other products”.
Memorandums were signed with three oldest universities of Belarus.

Co-operation with the Belarusian National Technical University, Brest State Technical University and Pyotr Masherov Vitebsk State University will enable our students and faculty to study and conduct research in Belarus and obtain dual degrees.
The university's international partners include three universities of the Czech Republic.

Doctoral students of KazATRU have an opportunity to study aquaculture and undergo internship at the South University of Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice.
The opening of the international Kazakh-Czech scientific aquatic centre in Seifullin KazATRU coincided with the days of Nauryz celebrations this year.
The Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Kazakhstan Pavol Šepeljak took part in the opening ceremony. An introductory tour of the aquacentre sections was organized for guests, where they were able to see pools with live fish, aquariums with young fry, crustaceans.

Fragments of aquaculture-a number of fish species, including clarium, African catfish, tilapia, sturgeon and pikeperch are cultivated here.

According to Kuanysh Syzdykov, associate professor of the department of hunting and fisheries at the faculty, seafood cultivation technologies are being developed here by means of closed water supply. Work is underway to establish lake-commodity fisheries in the country.

Pavol Šepeljak, speaking at the opening of the aquacentre, noted that the Czech side closely monitors agricultural trends in Kazakhstan in order to be able to timely offer Czech goods and technologies to the country's business community.
According to the diplomat’s words, one of the promising areas of co-operation is fish farming and fishery. In the Czech Republic, fish production is well balanced with the potential of natural resources for both domestic use and export. The rich experience accumulated by Czech fish farmers over the centuries and supplemented by modern scientific achievements can be in demand in Kazakhstan.

In the Czech Republic, fishing and fisheries have a serious scientific base. The Faculty of Specialised Studies at the University of South Bohemia conducts scientific research combining educational and practical activities. Tutors and students grow and introduce new aquaculture facilities and test fodder.

The university continues to strengthen international cooperation by expanding the network between foreign partners, participation in international programmes and projects in the field of education and science.
The main goal of Seifullin KazATRU is to increase the competitiveness and demand for graduates both in the domestic and international labour market, to provide the country with highly qualified specialists capable of raising the development of the agro-industrial sector of Kazakhstan to the highest level.

Information prepared by Veronica KORESHKOVA

Photo by Danil AKRAMOV

S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University cooperates with more than 40 foreign universities and continues to strengthen international partnership by expanding the network with foreign partners, participation in international programmes and projects in the field of education and science. Over the past year, major events were held and new co-operation agreements were signed. The Chairman of the Board - Kanat Tireuov, the Principal tells about the international activities of the University.
С. Сейфуллин атындағы Қазақ агротехникалық зерттеу университеті 40-тан астам шетелдік университетпен ынтымақтаса отырып, шетелдік әріптестер желісін кеңейту, білім және ғылым саласындағы халықаралық бағдарламалар мен жобаларға қатысу арқылы халықаралық ынтымақтастықты нығайтуды жалғастыруда. Өткен жылы ірі іс-шаралар өткізіліп, ынтымақтастық туралы жаңа шарттар жасалды. Басқарма төрағасы – ректор Қанат Тіреуов университеттің халықаралық қызметі туралы баяндайды.
Казахский агротехнический исследовательский университет имени Сейфуллина, сотрудничая с более чем 40 зарубежными университетами, продолжает укреплять международное сотрудничество путем расширения сети зарубежных партнеров, участия в международных программах и проектах в области образования и науки. За прошедший год были проведены крупные мероприятия, заключены новые договоры о сотрудничестве. О международной деятельности университета рассказывает председатель правления – ректор Канат Тиреуов.
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